Cursor Shapes


Arrow: The mouse is the select or. Use to click or choose buttons, icons, text, pictures. . . .


Hand: Used mainly on the internet, it shows links or doorways


I Beam: Used to move text around or to select text.


Hourglass or spinner: means the computer is working and it is unable to do much else.


Double Arrow

Double Arrow: Used to change the size of some items, pictures, windows, columns, ETC. . .

Four Pointed Arrow

Four-Pointed Arrow: Click and hold to move objects around the screen.

Mouse Buttons

  • Hover - Point to any button or symbol and wait for a couple of seconds. It will tell you its name. . .
  • Click - to press lightly or tap a button. . .
  • Hold - to press a button and keep it pressed.
  • Double-Click - Quickly press the button twice to open programs or documents
  • Click & Hold - Press the button and hold it down now you can move your selection anywhere.

Mouse Control

Ways To Delete

Formatting and Editing Shortcuts

Function Buttons

Save or Save As


Hand Position