Mesoamerica Project (The Mayans)

By Nick Graham, Jacob Knaust, Spencer lyon, Jaelin Eddins

When did the Mayans first appear? When did they disappear?

The Mayans first appeared about 1200 B.C.E. in Southern southern Mexico. The decline for the civilization started in about 800 A.C.E. and they fully disappeared around 100 years later in 900 A.C.E.

Their religion, what kind was it, what god(s) were apart of it.

Mayan religion involved “several aspects” of things such as nature, astronomy and rituals. Most of their gods represented a form in nature, for example, sun God, kinih Ahous or Maize God, Yum Kaax. During religious rituals the Mayans used self-made calendars and astronomical buildings. The gods were also ranked in order of importance. Some such as the jaguar god of the night were evil rather than good.

Economy and trade what was valuable and how they traded.

The Mayans traded many things like crops and the normal things that are bought today, but there were very valuable items that were traded. Obsidian and volcanic glass are two of those valuable items. The Mayans had no universally used currency as do most countries do now and the farther a item went from the source the more expensive it became. There were a series of short, medium, and long trade routes all throughout the empire.

Where were the Mayans and their empire Located?

The Mayan empire was located in the Yucatan Peninsula which in now Southern Mexico. This is where the majority of the empire of the Mayans was located.

Social Classes, who was at the top, who was at the bottom?

The Mayan Social class system consisted of the King and High Priest at the top with the kings council right under them(usually apart of the royal family). Then came the nobles who ruled parts of the land then the Merchants and Artisans with the commoners, farmers, and slaves at the bottom.

Agriculture, What did they grow and how did they grow it

The area that the Mayans grew their crops in was very rocky but the crops flourished because of the rain that came down in the area they used slashing and burning to gain area to farm in . Some of the crops they grew beans, maize, and squash.

The Decline/Collapse of the Mayans

The Mayan civilization began to collapse was in 800

A.D.E. This was caused by multiple things, such as invasion, internal fighting and over use of crop fields.

The achievements of The Mayans

The Mayans between 300 and 900 A.C.E. made multiple scientific achievements in astronomy, agriculture, engineering, and communications. The Mayans understanding of astronomy was advanced for their time and they learned to grow crops in almost inhospitable places.

The Mayan Government

The government of the Mayans was a hierarchical government ruled by Kings and priests. There were independent city-states that were ruled by land lords. The king supported these land lords as long as they supported them with goods.

The Mayans art and architecture

The Mayans architecture was based around past Mesoamerica cultures such as the Olmecs. Most buildings were made of material such as limestone and sandstone. Art was a merchandise item that was made from all different materials such as bone, obsidian, wood etc.