Being Fully In Love

A Thought for You...

by Jim Donovan

Being Fully "In Love"

You are being asked at this point in time to expand your idea of what being "in love" means. In your culture, being "in love" is often coupled with the ideas of romance, sexuality, caring and even ecstasy. While you may certainly access loving energy in these ways, they are, in and of themselves, only a part of a much wider possibility.

Love is a frequency of energy. It contains within it all creative potential. This frequency is your direct line to the source of All That Is or God. In a way that is similar to changing the channel on a TV set, you have an inborn ability to "tune in" to this frequency any time you choose to. Conversely, you can just as easily "tune in" to other frequencies such as fear and even hate.

Being "in love" is the main way of remembering that "you", in fact, are connected with everything and everyone. The frequency of love is the web upon which your reality is built. It is the foundation frequency that gives rise to all manifestation.
When Jesus said "Love one another", he was reminding you of your ability to tune into this frequency and find it in anyone.

To expand your capacity to feel more love, begin to witness anyone you encounter and say to you yourself, "they too are a part of me". Do this with anyone and everyone. Begin to see your surroundings, both man made and natural, in the same way- "this too is a part of me". Remind yourself that it is impossible to be disconnected from love because you are made of it.

Be assured that any frequency that is not love cannot survive in the lightness of love. You may actively participate in bringing more light to the world simply by remembering that you, and all else are divine expressions of the frequency of love.

(C) Jim Donovan 2012

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Jim Donovan

Jim Donovan is a musician, teacher and motivator whose mission is to empower, inspire and connect people.

In his work, Donovan records, performs, writes, and offers workshops in the US and abroad focused on using rhythm and sound as vehicles for personal and community transformation. He was a founding member of the multi-platinum 90's band Rusted Root and was voted "Drum Circle Facilitator of the Year" by the readers of Drum! magazine.