Hour of Code

at Palencia Elementary December 3-9, 2018

Tis' the Season to Be Coding

Hour of Code is a time of year when schools, libraries and educational institutes focus on coding in the hope that all students will spend at least an hour coding. Some students will be motivated to code more. The idea is to get teachers and students exposed to the the fundamentals of coding. Coding is equivalent to computer science and it is a foundational curriculum that develops logic and thinking skills. Get a complete curriculum starting in Kindergarten from Code.org. Choose a coding program to fit with a unit of study or a book the class is reading. The video below is a great introduction to the reason for celebrating the Hour of Code this December. In addition this newsletter includes the lessons we will be doing in the media center, a collection of e-books on Epic.com, and some of the print books we have in the media center. Click the pdf below to learn more about all the events happening during Hour of Code.
“Learning to Code is Not Just for Coders” | Ali Partovi | TEDxSausalito
Code Studio: Kid tested, teacher approved

What will we be learning and doing in the media center?

We will celebrate Hour of Code with lessons on computer programming throughout the month of December. We will use laptops to code with Lightbot and The Grinch: Saving Christmas with Code. In addition there are holiday coding games on a site called Santa Tracker. The two coding games we are learning are Code Lab and Code a Snowflake.

We will also be watching the BrainPopJr. video on Computer Programing. During this video students will learn key vocabulary including algorithm, computer program, coding, command, debug and loop.

During PLC time older students will make a binary code candy cane ornament that represents their initials. Students will also be able to use desktop computers in the library to practice their coding.

We will highlight coding on WPES each day during the week of December 3-9. Stay tuned after the show for videos and competitions.

Below are Resources for Younger Students with No Login Feature


Epic! on Coding

Epic is like Netflix for children's books. The e-book platform is provided free to educators and supported by home subscriptions.


  • Gives instant access to the world’s largest digital library of high-quality fiction and nonfiction for kids 12 and under
  • Includes personalized reading recommendations for each child based on individual reading preferences and abilities
  • Reading logs to track student progress
  • Available on iPads, iPhone, Android devices, and on any computer or desktop

You can read on Epic! at home, with a $4.99 subscription. Click here.or

www.getepic.com. Click the image below for a collection of E-books on Coding.

Books on Coding in our Media Center

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Videos to Inspire Your Coders


Palencia Elementary Media Center - The Pirate Cove

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