Owen McCormack

Globalization is...

The process of growing and expanding to exist throughout the entire world.

6 Word Memoir

Globalization can affect peoples lives positively.

Globalization can affect peoples lives negatively.

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Nike is the largest supplier of athletic shoes in the world. Yet it outsources 100% of its shoe production to 34 different countries such as, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, Cambodia, Taiwan, Mexico, India, and Israel.


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Nike outsources 100% of their products and is known for using sweatshops to do so. They outsource because people in foreign countries will work for way less money. That way they save a ton of money. It makes it so they can price their products more competitively and U.S. tax laws don't apply to them.

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Running shoes are made from a combination of materials. The sole has three layers: insole, midsole, and outsole. The insole is a thin layer of man-made ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). The components of the midsole, which provides the bulk of the cushioning, will vary among manufacturers. Generally it consists of polyurethane surrounding another material such as gel or liquid silicone, or polyurethane foam given a special brand name by the manufacturer. In some cases the polyurethane may surround capsules of compressed air. Outsoles are usually made of carbon rubber, which is hard, or blown rubber, a softer type, although manufacturers use an assortment of materials to produce different textures on the outsole.

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Most of Nikes products are shipped worldwide by boat.


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there is about 7.125 billion people in the world

Problems created by my product...


One problem about not just Nike running shoes but all running shoes is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is a material used in running shoes and when people just throw away their old shoes that material will stay in the landfill for as long as 1000 years.



In some countries making these shoes are a good thing because there are hardly any jobs in those countries so it creates opportunities for them to make money. Their cultures kind of form around making the shoes because so many people in their countries work in the factories. Despite them making some money they work in horrible conditions and they are suffering and sometimes don't want to work there but are sold at a young age.


An economic problem about manufacturing Nike shoes is how they outsource and make all their products in other countries. That takes away so many possible jobs from Americans that have no job. If we had all of those jobs in America our economy would go up because those Americans would be making some money. But the companies would have a tough time not going bankrupt because of the minimum wage in America and in a they would have to raise their prices on products. So basically the companies have to outsource like that or it all comes back to bite us in the butt eventually.

Solution to the evironmental problem

If we recycled the shoes and melted down the plastics and reused them and even just resold them so they could be used again so people wouldn't have to buy new ones and then throw those away eventually and just add more to the problem. Even if we just took out the platics and rubbers to be reused we could make it so the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate wouldn't be in the land fills and it would break down much much faster and the problem would not be as good.

Pros and Cons of Globalization

A couple pros of globalization are the modernization of products and technology is getting better and better and everyone sort of helps everyone in a way. When one company makes something amazing and cool the first thing other companies are going to do is think of what they can do to top them. That is how it helps everyone advance into new technology. Companies outsource so they can save money and this s both a pro and con because the companies save tons of money and this causes them to be able to make their products cheaper when they sell them but it takes jobs away from Americans and they cant make a rule against it because major companies would be going bankrupt and to save their companies they would have to skyrocket their prices and no Americans would buy them.

How globalitzation relates to me

It relates to me because 90% of the products I use and wear like my shoes and my IPhone and many other stuff is outsourced and made in another country