Oakview's Primary Pride

February 1-5, 2016


For all that brought something for the "Last" Supper, you did a fantastic job! I enjoyed seeing how some of you thought "outside the box." Of course, the food was yummy too. I can't wait until this month's.


I knew we had some competitive people, but BOY, I didn't know we were SO competitive. Friday afternoon within a thirty minute time span, we had three classes turn in their four filled sheets. We started thinking about it, and we don't want a class to not have an opportunity to still win. So, we have now extended the competition.

Mrs. Crawford's class will win the first prize for completing the four sheets first. Each of her students will receive a poster from the book fair and an extra recess. Mrs. Millwood's class came in 2nd and Mrs. Boyd's class came in 3rd. Both Mrs. Millwood's and Mrs. Boyd's class may have an extra recess. Please get with me to schedule the extra recesses.

Now, for the rest of the competition. The class that fills up the most sheets by February 11th, I will supply a special treat for snacks on February 12th.


Do you know the difference? Do you even know what this is referencing? If not, you need to know. This is a critical topic for educators, and the people we vote for in the upcoming primaries could decide an IMPORTANT issue that will affect educators for years to come.

Teacher Retirement System (TRS) is a sound retirement system based on defined benefits. That means when you retire, you will receive a steady income that will last you a lifetime. However, the Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and other businessmen are challenging our current TRS and would like to change it to defined contribution. Defined contribution would give retirees a fluctuating check that possibly would not last your whole lifetime.

So, as educators, we need to rally together to protect our retirement and other issues that I will talk about later. If you are not registered to vote, February 1st is the deadline to register. Early voting begins February 16th and last through February 26th. According to TEPSA, an organization I belong to, 80% of educators are registered, but only 30% vote. If you ever wonder why we don't carry a more powerful punch, it's because of the lack of teachers voting. Also, as educators, we have to do our homework. We have to find out which candidates are for public education and which are not. That is the reason I forwarded the information I received on Friday. As I receive more I will continue to forward to you all. Ultimately, it is your choice. I am simply trying to provide some resources.

During the early voting timeframe, if you would like to go vote on your conference (pending no prior commitments) send me an e-mail to let me know what day, and it will be approved. Otherwise, seriously consider voting on March 1st in the primaries. Most of the decisions are made in the primaries, not in November. Your vote is IMPORTANT!!


  • Wednesday, February 3, 2016 - TELPAS manual training at 3:30 in the PTO conference room--Bailey, D. Jones, R. Klemme, S. Butler, S. Yancy
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