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What are Wormholes?

Wormholes are a shortcut through space. But can be very dangerous. Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen used the theory of general relativity propose the existence of "bridges" through space. They say it conects two different points in space-time. They will connect to another wormhole somewhere else in space. While it would normally take millions or even billions of years to go to a remote destination, a wormhole would allow you to go there in a handful of seconds.http://atramateria.com/traversable-wormholes-without-exotic-matter/space.com/20881-wormholes.htm/

Stephen Hsu Says...

If someone nudged the apparatus a little it would cause the system to fall apart the way a bridge would collapse. It would probably not last long enough for you to get through to the other side. From what I have learned about wormholes I do not think it is safe to travel through them. You will never know where you will end up. The wormholes are not even that stable for you to travel through. www.newscientist.com

How will I know I will end up where I want too?

You will never know where you will end up. Wormholes can connect two different universes. Researchers are still trying to figure the wormholes out. They are just like blackholes. You wont know where you will end up if you travel through them. Wormholes have exotic matter and will collapase.Newscientist.comhttp://hopeknowslife.blogspot.com/2012/09/accordingto-sara-saraalways-knew-her.html


Blackholes when you travel through them you wil get destoryed and travel much faster then light. They both travel objects to different parts of the world. On the website extremetech.com they say that wormholes are not traversable. Wormholes and Black Holes are two black holes being created simultaneously, or perhaps radiation emitted by one black hole could be captured by another black hole. http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/nustar/news/nustar20130227.html

What is Exotic Matter?

Exotic matter contains negative energy density and a larger negative pressure. It will help stabilize it to the point that human passengers could travel safely through.
This is why traveling through wormholes is dangerous. The scientists dont even know if the wormholes are even safe for people to travel through them. You can disapear and never come back.