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We Miss You

Recital Zoom Week:

As You know tomorrow starts our observation week of classes. We are showing off our costumes, recital dances, and how amazing our AMDS children are as we all adapted through these unprecedented times. Please feel free to share our links with any friends and family near and far who may want to check it out!

When you log into zoom, if you'd like to JUST see one particular screen, hover the curser over that individuals "zoom box" and "..." will appear in a blue. You can then click "Pin Video" and you will then only see that particular dancers screen. We will also go over this at the start of every class.

Studio A’s ZOOM id: 457953811

Studio B’s ZOOM Id: 676260764

Outdoor Recital

AMDS continues to monitor outdoor locations in order for us to host each class in person. To date there has not been a facility that is willing to host AMDS as many of the state parks will not allow amplified music while other venues with large parking lots have declined our request. If you or anyone has a connection that you believe would entertain our request we would love to hear from you. At this time AMDS will continue to monitor locations especially as restrictions lift as some venues might open their reservation books. As we have more information we will make sure to pass it along to you.

801 Here We Come!

As some of you may know, Delaware's tentative Phase 2 date is set to begin June 15th, however dance studios and other indoor youth activities were not included in this phase. After communication with the state we have proposed a site specific plan to reopen which we are currently waiting on approval. We anticipate acceptance this week which would allow AMDS to hold our summer classes in studio! Once our plans of return are finalized we will provide each of you with the specifics.

Summer Classes

Summer registration is now open, please be sure to sign up online ASAP! At this time we anticipate the state approving a limited capacity of 10 students per class. (Despite state occupancy numbers they are using for other businesses). For this summer it is extremely important to pre register so we can plan accordingly. Walk in registrations will only be allowed if the class is not at capacity. If a class should exceed 10 students, we will rotate in groups weekly. (Ex. Group A in class, Group B on zoom, and switch weekly). For those with pre existing conditions or personal concerns we will continue to host ALL classes on the zoom platform.

Fall Classes

Registration will open Monday June 8th. Student recommendation forms have been posted in your parent portal. Once logged in you will need to copy the link provided and paste it into your browser. You can NOT click on it.

You will notice on the recommendation form that we have transitioned to a color coded system for all classes. AMDS prides ourselves in placing each student at their appropriate level so please remember you are only allowed to register for your highlighted classes. As always, once the year begins we will make any adjustments your dancer may need. Feel free to reach out if you are interested in a course that is not suggested.

Company Auditions

A separate e-mail will be sent out with details for our competitive team auditions. If you missed our meetings and would like some additional information, please email the studio directly.


Chris & myself would like to personally thank every single family and dancer for your support and understanding during these last several months. For those that know me, you know I always need a plan! I like to know exactly whats happening, and it needs to run to perfection ! Covid did not care much about my "Type A" personality and we have had to be agile with many unknowns. I can assure you, myself and my faculty have been working harder than ever to keep our amazing studio operational and provide a light of positivity for each student. We have had to find new ways of teaching, new ways to choreograph, new ways to engage our students and we couldn't be more proud of our AMDS family... We never missed a beat! We immediately transitioned into online classes, and we were one of the only dance studio in our state to continue to run our full course load weekly. None of this would have been possible with out our amazing families, and staff of AMDS! During times like these the statement of "AMDS is family" never held truer. So thank you to everyone who has allowed us the patience and grace to see this season through the best way we could. We are wishing everyone an amazing RECITAL WEEK, and thank you again for your support from the bottom of our hearts.