Franklin House

Week of October 13, 2014

English Language Arts

Students are doing weekly assignments in Achieve3000. When students are working on articles at home, please encourage them to share. The goal is for them to get 88-100%. Although you would not do the answers for them, please help them slow down to understand the question and look back in the article. Celebrate with them when they achieved their goals!!

Students are working story elements through a class book or independent books. Talking with them about what is happening in the book they are reading is also helpful. How the plot is changing or what characters are doing are good places to start. Keeping it light and just engaging them in how reading can be fun is the main goal.

Spelling and Grammar are due at the end of the week.


Math 4: This week we will be continuing in Unit 4 with surface area of prisms and pyramids. We will be using 3 dimensional figures and nets to find surface area. If all goes well we might test on Friday.

Math 7, 8: This week in math we will continue in unit 2 with area of different polygons. We will review the formula for simple polygons and go onto complex figures.


Students are learning about invertebrates and vertebrates, adaptions and basic needs.

Social Studies

After finishing up reconstruction, students will be studying the movement to the West.

Book Fair - Volunteers needed

Book Fair Volunteers Needed!

Please consider volunteering for the Lineville Book Fair. It is a fun and easy way to get involved at school and encourage a love of reading!

Volunteers are needed for the following shifts:

Tuesday, October 21 student purchase 10:45-1:30

Wednesday, October 22 student purchase 10:45-1:30

Thursday, October 23 student purchase 10:45-1:30

family night 4:00-7:30

Friday, October 24 student purchase 10:45-1:30

Monday, October 27 teacher pull 10:45-1:30

tear down 1:30-2:30

Volunteers can either contact Laura Preston via e-mail at

or phone 737-9442.

Parent Teacher Student Conferences

Please sign up with your child's Language Arts teacher.