Visit Virginia!

"the birthplace of a nation"

European Countries That Came Here:

The mighty England decided to venture to this colony for multiple reasons. They wanted natural resources they could send back to Europe. The main resource was tobacco. Also, the British wanted to spread Protestantism and establish societies that were tolerant of their own religious beliefs.

Virginia At Its Finest

Important Events and People

The Bacon's Rebellion was one of the most important events. It was an uprising consisting of poor whites who wanted land and the colonial government to take harsher actions toward Indians. It eventually led to the rise of slavery. One of the most important people is Powhatan. He was a notable American Indian chief who helped Virginia obtain its natural resources.

Where We Are Located

We are located towards the middle of the colonies, allowing us access to multiple ports and roadways. Our location has helped furnished our economy, causing others to move here. You should too!