Karina Hernandez

Academic Goals

My main goal for academics is to graduate college with a degree by getting good grades and excelling in my classes.

Athletic Goals

I want to do better in sports and run faster for my athletic goal because I am not a fast runner during the mile and I am not that good at sports.

Personal Goals

One of my personal goals is to succeed in life and having a great job that would support me because I want to live a good life where I don't have to worry about money and all of that.

Physical Obstacles

My physical obstacle is that since I was in preschool I had to wear glasses because I have bad eyesight and I am literally blind without my glasses.

Family Obstacles

My family obstacle is that I rarely get to see my grandparents because they are in another country. Also, a few of my aunts, uncles, and cousins live in another state or country so we aren't able to or they aren't able to visit.

School Obstacles

My school obstacle is that I sometimes get confuse in class because either I'm not paying attention or my mind is somewhere else and later on on a test I get stuck on a question or problem.


I can rely on my teachers that I have for my electives because I know that they will give me the help and and advice I might need. This would also go for my PE teacher.


I can rely on my parents and siblings for help and advice because I have known them my whole life and I could trust them. Also, I can rely on my relatives who live far than on my relatives who live close because even if I don't see them much I know enough to trust and rely on them.


I can rely on my friends for advice and help because I know that they will listen to me. The friends I can rely on are my school friends and childhood friends that are in my classes or that I see around.

Attitude/Motivation Plan

An attitude or motivation plan would be to focus on the positive side instead of the negative side and to sleep more so I won't be tired and grouchy. A motivation plan would be to listen to more music that is happy and upbeat so I can be inspired.

Education/Training Plan

My plan for education and training is to focus in my classes and to not let my mind wander off. Another thing is to study before an exam or test to memorize what I learned better.

Plan For Acquiring Needed skills

My plan for acquiring needed skills in school would be multi-tasking. I should practice multi-tasking because it is helpful an it will be useful in the future for school or a job.

plan for study and practice

My plan for study and practice is to study on certain days like before a test by reviewing my notes and homework. Also I could practice sports and other things at home after school.