The EitnerEDU Update

Atlantic City 'Technology' Edition!

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From the Proprietor

If you live in Jersey, there's a couple of givens:

~Sandwiches with meats are called SUBS, not 'hoagies'.

~It's called TAYLOR HAM, not 'pork roll'.

~You identify yourself by what exit on the Parkway in which you live closest to.

~You know to "DO AC".

AC, aka Atlantic City, is full of food, fun, and lots of unique activities to partake (besides trying your luck in the casinos). Many folks in the education field are heading down for a state-wide 'educational technology conference' (I don't wanna upset Scotty & Maria again LOL) and yes, EitnerEDU reps will be available to chat on and off of the convention floor. Look for the EitnerEDU poker chips around the convention center. Chips can be cashed in for food, beverages, or even our sit-down evening of cigars and bourbon! We hope you have a great convention!

Yours in Education,

Dr. Jay Eitner


Eitner Education

PS - "Remember, you work for me, Maria!" - the best line yet!!

EitnerEDU happy hours, dinners, and cigar events!

Dr. Jay Eitner

Episode 8 - WBGO Guest Hour Host - Jay Eitner by Dr. Jay Eitner

Happy Hour!

Thursday, Jan. 30th, 4-6pm

777 Harrah's Boulevard

Atlantic City, NJ

Drop by for a beverage or 2 and sample some class M & S fare! We will be in front of the restaurant, across from the bar. Stop by and say hi!
Changchun School morning exercises

Let's break bread together - at Chef Vola's!

Thursday, Jan. 30th, 6:30pm

111 South Albion Place

Atlantic City, NJ

You know the place. You know it takes a good 6 months to get on the list. There will be 4 poker chips available, but you're welcome to his us up and see if seats open before we break bread.

UBER code: EitnerEDU

kissing a pig

Cigars and more!

Thursday, Jan. 30th, 10pm-2am

777 Harrah's Boulevard

Atlantic City, NJ

*MUST BE 21* Come join Jay for some spectacular smokes and drinks to end a day of learning!

UBER code: EitnerEDU

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