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Numerals on Our Brain!

January will be a big math month. We will be putting a lot of things we learned during the first half of the year together and extending the learning into deeper thinking. We have been working on identifying if numerals are greater than, less than or equal to. One of our poems in December's poetry journal assisted us in using and reading the symbols "<, >, and =."

We are experts at counting past one hundred but writing the numerals after 100 can be tricky. We will be working on writing those large numerals correctly. You can help at home by spending about five minutes a night by calling out numbers between 101 -120 and ask your child to write the number. (The first grade standard is to write numbers up to 120 but feel free to extend to larger numbers if your child has mastered this.) Note: a common error is to write larger numerals such as 120 as 10020. Don't stress...just model the correct formation and have your child try again with a similar numeral.

Writing Numerals Greater Than 100

Go Visit Mister Matt at the PR Public Library

Community One is fortunate that Mister Matt makes time once a month to visit each classroom with read alouds. Be sure to utilize the public library. Even if you have a large home library, there is something magical about a library book. It is an excellent opportunity to practice the life skill of being responsible when your child is expected to care for and return library books. When you visit Mister Matt be sure to express your appreciation for his support of public education and literacy. We love it on the days that Mister Matt visits Room 116.

Information for this upcoming week

Remember that sight words are high frequency words in literature. These words need to be read accurately and instantly upon sight. Sight word schedule for the next nine weeks:
1.5: all, going, pretty
1.11: came, take
1.19: once, when
1.25: how, please
2.1: by, our
2.8: round, then
2.16: an, from
2.22: find, live
2.29: review

Make sure to return poetry journals on Tuesday. Look for a new poem on Friday.

We will be focusing on identifying and capitalizing proper nouns, pronouns that show ownership (his and her), and the difference between telling and declarative sentences. We will also begin to address past tense verbs.

In reading we are going to use the word infer. Infer is what good readers do when they use clues in the story to help them understand what is happening. We will also focus on how good readers visualize (or make movies in their heads) as they read. Learning to read and becoming stronger readers is such an exciting time of being a first grader. Be sure to be reading at least 20 minutes a night DAILY.

We will also be spending time this week reviewing the expectations of Room 116 and how to be a kind friend.

In writing, we continue to become experts at "How To" Writing. How To writing goes hand in hand with sequencing the events of a story. Remember that good readers make good writers and good writers are good readers.

Our ocean theme this week will result in students choosing an ocean animal to research and begin writing a book.

For the first half of the school year, we had snack in the morning. Mrs. McDevitt is moving snack time to the afternoon (1:20-1:30.) This decision was made to allow for more uninterrupted instructional time in the mornings. Your child is still able to have a water bottle at his/her seat any time during the day.
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The Courage of The Final Mystery Reader for 2015

Professionally, our Mystery Reader is a courageous firefighter. But the Mystery Reader experienced a different kind of courage when he was asked to "Read another one and another one!" He was a good sport and did as was told. He was even brave enough to do a cold read of "The Book With No Pictures"...not an easy task! Mrs. McDevitt knows that Room 116 is one of the happiest places on earth. It makes her smile when she steps back and watches other adults enjoy the students too. Nothing is more valuable to a child's education than when there is a strong home/school connection. Thank you for rearranging schedules and joining Room 116 to share the power that is found in literature.

Even if you are unable to come into the classroom, Mrs. McDevitt appreciates the support that is evident in all the families of Room 116. She realizes she is a very lucky teacher to work with fabulous children and supportive families. 2016 will even be better and stronger than 2015.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, January 5: students return

1.18: No school in observance of MLK

1.28: Group picture day