Kindergarten Spring Assessments

What you need to know...

What are Kindergarten Spring Assessments?

Kindergarten spring assessments are very similar to the assessments held at the beginning of the year. The Salt Lake City school district has created these assessments to measure what students have learned throughout the school year. This spring, assessments have changed from previous years and requires a whole group section of the assessment and individual section of the assessment.

Whole Group Assessments

Monday, May 11th, 8:45am to Friday, May 15th, 1:15pm

1850 South 2500 East

Salt Lake City, UT

Whole group assessments will take place all week. Please help your child eat a good breakfast and get plenty of sleep. It is essential that your child comes to school every day this week in order to take every portion of this test.

Individual Assessment

Monday, May 18th, 8:30am to Thursday, May 21st, 12pm

1850 South 2500 East

Salt Lake City, UT

The individual kindergarten assessment will take an hour to complete. Parents will need to sign up on our classroom website for an appointment during this week.