Gattis Gossip

Volume 6, Issue 30 -------------April 21, 2014

This Week At Gattis...

STAAR Testing - Tues. Wed. & Thurs.

Student Treasures due Tuesday by end of day

FREE breakfast all week


  • 9:50 ARD


  • 3rd & 4th grade STAAR Math


  • 3rd & 4th grade STAAR Reading


  • 5th grade STAAR Science


  • 7:45 Assembly
  • 8:55 ARD
  • 9:50 ARD
  • 2nd grade field trip
  • 6-9 pm Gator Glow Run

Coming up soon....

April 22 STAAR Testing - 3rd & 4th grade math

April 23 STAAR Testing - 3rd & 4th grade reading

April 24 STAAR Testing - 5th grade science

April 25 2nd grade field trip

April 25 Gator Glow Fun Run

April 28-May 16 EOY BAS grades K-2

April 29 Tour Ridgeview 5th grade

May 1 3rd grade field trip

May 1-23 EOY BAS grades 3-5

May 2 5th grade promotion pictures

May 2 Field Day

May 8 Round Rock Express Night

May 5-9 Book Fair

May 5-9 CBA Science grade 3 (optional) & 4

May 9 EOY Planning SSTs

May 13 PTA - 1st grade program

May 13 STAAR Testing - 5th grade math retest

May 14 STAAR Testing - 5th grade reading retest

May 16 EOY Planning SSTs

May16 4th grade field trip

May 19-23 Universal Screening

April Birthdays!!!

April 1 Nancy Bacon

April 4 Linda Betak

April 6 Dora Garcia

April 9 Stephen Touchet

April 10 Kristal Shanahan

April 14 Dawn Carlson

April 16 Deborah Bennett, Joann Kendall, & Jacqueline McCollum

April 17 Kelly Bird & Donna Staten

April 22 Rosanna Lenzi

April 24 Marcy Pearson & Bill Shattuck

April 28 Delores Herrera

Emergency Procedures

Please make sure that you are aware of appropriate procedures for emergency evacuation, severe weather and lockdown. Review with your team and keep procedures and materials clearly visible near the door in case you had a substitute. If an emergency occurred during state testing, your first priority is always the safety of students and adults, You should also follow security procedures for testing materials if at all possible.

Fun Site for Brain Breaks!!

Round Rock Teacher testimonial:

"It is so easy to sign-up! You get an avatar that the kids pick and they earn points to go to new levels. All the brain breaks are awesome! Dance to Cupid shuffle, Sing to Let It Go, and a Freeze Game that drills on math facts and time. I'm sold! I'm using it for frequent breaks and for behavior incentives. Awesome behavior and on task as a group for 20 minutes, and then we can dance to Despicable Me Happy song for 3 minutes. I feel like it is time well spent and here at the end of the year it is keeping them focused and excited. They love it!..."