The Venus Community Bank

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What services do we offer?

Banks are places where money can be borrowed or lent, so we can say banks act like "money stores". By using these services, customers are able to do three things:

  1. Store Money: Customers can deposit their money in the bank, and the bank stores currency and other valuables, insured against theft and loss.
  2. Earn Money: When costumers deposit their money in bank accounts, they can earn money on their deposits because they are paid a rate of interest.
  3. Borrow Money: Banks also allow customers to borrow money through the practice of fractional reserve banking. Customers usually borrow money using loans, such as mortgage or the use of credit cards. When you buy something using a credit card, the bank pays the seller, and lends you the money; but you have to repay the loan. If not, you'll owe the bank extra in interest.

What functions does money perform?

Which are the types of money?

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