Warning, You may be being scammed

Watch out for a Credit Repair Scheme

What is it?

A fraudulent company offers to erase a consumer's bad history or remove bankruptcy information from the consumers credit records. It collects an up-front fee and in fact do nothing to repair a consumer's poor credit record.

Who is this scam targeting?

It scams people with poor credit, who are desperate to get it back up.

Who Will be hurt?

What is the Economical impact?

The economical impact of the Credit repair scheme is that it takes peoples money, saying that it will help your credit and then they never help fix your credit, so you loose the money your payed them.

What Makes it Believable?

What makes this scam believable is because of the people who are desperate to get their credit score up. They make it sound easy to make a payment, and then instantly your credit is fixed. But in reality it takes long amounts of time to get it back up.

Do you think the average person fall for this scam?

I do not think the average person falls for this scam because there is so many scams out there today, that most people will know that their credit cannot be fixed instantly, it takes time.

What does this scam rely on to be successful?

This scam rely's on desperate people who will do anything to get their credit score back up.
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What emotion does this scam depend on?

This scam depends on depressed people, who need their credit score to get back up, so that they can feel happy again,
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