Mrs. Kirchner's Classroom News

We are off to a great start! September 15, 2014

Field Trip!

Our field trip will be on September 22nd! If you have not sent in your permission slip and $7.00 please send it in ASAP. I need to know by Wednesday!

Parents are welcome to join us. Our tour begins at 11:00 and ends at 12:30 and the cost is $3.00 for the tour and $3.00 additional dollars if you want to pick apples. You will have to provide your own transportation due to space on the bus. You are welcome to meet us over there, or you can follow the buses.

I am very excited about this day! I think we are going to have a great day!

We will be taking a snack with us on the field trip too, so I would greatly appreciate a few volunteers to sign-up to provide drinks and snacks. I think it would be great if we could SYNERGIZE and get at least 4 volunteers to spread the need. Thank you in advance. Please just send me a note, email, or phone call that you would like to help.

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Spelling Superstars! Week 3

These individuals spelled all the words correctly including the BONUS! Look at how many incredible spellers we have in our class!!

  1. Desi Mowery
  2. Ethan George
  3. Mark Rogers
  4. Miley Stovef
  5. Samuel Hyatt
  6. Evan Conner
  7. Aaron West
  8. Lillian Case
  9. Chevelle Pressley
  10. Eason Ezell
  11. Neva Chandler
  12. Sofia Wijewickrama
  13. Lily Singleton

Keep on studying! I am very proud!

Math Test: Enough for the Class?

The following students showed me they knew how to solve this question: Way to Go!

  1. Samuel Hyatt
  2. Lillian Case
  3. Mark Rogers
  4. Neva Chandler
  5. Lily Singleton
  6. Aaron West
  7. Reese Sorrells
  8. Chevelle Pressley
  9. Desi Mowery
  10. Miley Stover
  11. Evan Conner
  12. Sofia Wijewickrama

Noun Assessment: We understand PERSON, PLACE, OR THING!

The students were able to identify all the nouns! Super!

Lillian Case

Miley Stover

Chevelle Pressley

Sofia Wijewickrama

We discussed verbs this past week and now I am going to introduce adjectives.

Math: Coin Assessment

At the beginning of this year the majority of the class couldn't identify a quarter from a nickel, or a dime from a penny. They didn't know their value and they didn't grasp how 5 pennies could be traded for 1 nickel. As a class we worked together and with the help of Mrs. Hyatt we can now say we DOMINATE with coins! Check out these students that answered all 10 questions correctly! I even through in some deeper thinking questions! Superstars! Also, there were many students that only missed one or two questions. This class works very hard!!

  1. Eason Ezell
  2. Lillian Case
  3. Lily Singleton
  4. Evan Conner
  5. Desi Mowery
  6. Samuel Hyatt
  7. Sofia Wijewickrama
  8. Kaitlyn Huston
  9. India Warren
  10. Chevelle Pressley
  11. Xzaviour Conard
  12. Colin Gutierrez
  13. Aaron West

Reading Superstars!

I have picked a reader from each of my groups that have shown me this week that they are dedicated to becoming the best reader they can! They are enthusiastic, participate during discussions, and give their best effort every day! To these I thank you for all your hard work and I am choosing you as my READERS OF THE WEEK!

  1. Miley Stover
  2. Xzaviour Conard
  3. Chevelle Pressley
  4. Lily Singleton
  5. Kaitlyn Huston

You should be very proud of your accomplishments!

Who will be my READERS OF THE WEEK next week?


We have PE on Wednesday!

Spelling Words this Week

1. when

2. again

3. circle

4. how

5. have

6. luck

7. milk

8. kite

9. check

10. clock

11. duck

12. desk

13. ask

14. kept

15. kick

Bonus: Thursday

Math Homework

Monday: Page 30

Tuesday: Page 32

Wednesday: Page 33

Thursday: Page 36

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Leaders of the Week!

Leader of the Week:

Samuel Hyatt

He was our line leader this week and he was excellent, but he is being honored with this award because he was in charge of his actions this week! He was practicing ALL of the 7 habits this week! Thank you Samuel!

Proactive Award:

Colin Gutierrez

Aaron West

Chevelle Pressley

Sofia Wijewickrama

Samuel Hyatt

Desi Mowery

Lillian Case

Eason Ezell

Miley Stover

India Warren

These students consistently made SMART choices. They understand they are in charge of their behavior and their learning!


Sofia Wijewickrama

Eason Ezell

I have to brag about these two for a moment. They were my lunch helpers this week and a teacher dropped her plate of food. These two reacted immediately helped clean up the spill! That is working together!

Leader of the Week at Hazelwood!!!

Congratulations to Aaron West for being named Leader of the Week for Hazelwood Elementary. Aaron is a great example of leadership! Thank you Aaron! We are very proud and honored to work with you every day!

I know we have a group of leaders in our class that could very easily be named the next LEADER OF THE WEEK for the school. We just need to SHINE everyday and make GREAT choices!