The Library @ MMRHS

News from 3rd Quarter

Make Use of All These Library Resources!

  • Find books in the library at the online catalog. Select Monument Mountain.
  • Relevant and reliable information found at all the databases to which the library subscribes. Some need passwords, stop in to library to pick those up.
  • Sign up to use the library itself or sign out the laptop cart to bring to your classroom. See the schedule of library availability.
  • April is National School Library Month. Celebrate all month with these events!

Passes to the Library

Students are required to sign up ahead of time for a pass to library from their Study Hall. Passes are ALWAYS given to them if they are on the list. If they do not have a pass from library, please do not let them come to the library. It is very disruptive to the classes that are in when students wander through the library. When a class is in, the number of study hall students is limited. Thank you for help with this!

Fast Facts from 3rd Quarter

  • Number of students who used library: 7330, average of 163 a day
  • Number of books circulated: 669
  • Number of netbooks circulated: 929
  • Number of classes in using library: 220, 45% were English classes

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