Animal Farm


I will be talking about Napolean the ruling Pig.

Napolean is a very ruling pig. He tells everyone that he is right and disobeys the commandments that Old Major made. He should not be the leader of animal farm because he disobeys all the rules and does things he is not supposed to do. The commandments basically say that animals can not do anything close to what humans do, and he breaks them. He walked one two legs, drinks alchocal which they are not supposed to do and he wears clothes which he also is not supposed to do. He also tricks the animals into thinking the commandments were different than they really were when he changes them.
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Napolean corrupts them by changing the commandments slightly and telling them it has always been like that. He changes them so he can so things that he is not supposed to be doing.
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Napolean broke commandments 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and changed 7 to: All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

Important Events

An imortant event is the Windmill being destroyed. There was a battle where the humans came into the farm and took some dynamite and destroyed the windmill that took them a long time to make.


Napoleon symbolizes Joseph Stalin. Napoleon got rid of Trotski who is snowball. Hitler symbolizes Fredrick and Pilkonting.