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February 19, 2016

News and Information

If you'd like to help with swim snacks, please click the link below and (HOPEFULLY!) you'll be able to type your name in one of the dates.

Swimming Continues all next week!

Literacy Night- March 1 6:15-7:45

Come and participate in learning activities and games to help improve your child's literacy skills. There will be a free book for all Converse students, snacks and a drawing for some awesome prizes! Hope to see you there!

Motivational Videos

We watched a great series of videos this week about how our brains work! We needed motivation to do our best when things are difficult. I really loved how they explained that the only way to "grow your brain" is to do challenging things! I encourage you to watch the 5 videos (they are less than 3 minutes each- and very entertaining!) to help your child understand the importance of perseverance and keeping a positive attitude when things get tough. Good reminders for all of us! Here's the link-Enjoy!


We began a new unit using inferences to make predictions. Instead of just “guessing” a prediction, we are looking for clues from the text/ pictures along with using sour background knowledge to make the most logical prediction that we can.

Reading Homework - They will read 1 passage, answer some comprehension questions and do some word work and vocabulary activities. Because this is a little more work than reading for a minute each night, it will be worth 10 points toward their reading grade each week.


  • -6 facts
  • solving a problem by guessing and checking
  • subtracting 2 digit numbers
  • covering the same design different ways using tangrams

English and Writing

Research, research, research. We have for all intensive purposes, finished our wax museum research. Whew! This was a lot of work for our little, growing brains. We had to use different websites like,, and also the Google Search feature to find our information. We were able to talk about "safe" searching and how to read the captions on each search hit to see if that might even be a site we wanted to look at for our research. They did an awesome job and mostly they did it ON THEIR OWN, with just a little help from me.

In English we continues unit 4: subject/ verb agreement

Spelling Words














Data Binders- Look for them Monday!

Homework Helps and Hints

Your child is at the age where they can be responsible for more age appropriate tasks- emptying and filling backpacks (that should already be happening!), folding laundry, dusting and vacuuming, picking up and putting away items that belong in other rooms, setting the table, picking up things in the yard and emptying the dishwasher are all things that 8-9 years olds can do. Just make sure you show them how you want it done first, or it might not get done the way you’d like J. A difficult concept for some children to learn is that we have to do things even though we don’t want to and we have to do them without rewards. In order for kids to be responsible, we must teach them what that looks like and we must practice at home as well as at school. By adding in these small jobs, kids learn life skills and that some jobs are not a choice, but a “have to.” I found a list of suggested skills by age that I have attached. Of course, the skills are suggestions, not a hard fast list of things you must be able to do. The link is attached below.

Check out the video starring Your Funny Valentine's!

Leaving this up for one more week just in case you missed it last week!

Important Events


19-March 3 Swimming

22 Skating Party 6-8 @ Idyl Wyld


1-3 Swimming

11 End 3rd Quarter

15 Report cards posted in Skyward

21-25 Spring Break