by Sameer Tuteja

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is one of the most successful people in the world today. He lives his life with alot of money and is worth billions of dollars. Life wasn't always so easy for him. He attended Harvard, one of the greatest colleges that a lot of us dream about. In college he was a dropout and wanted to start his own business called Traf-O-Data. This business was netted and 20,000 compared to today's business which is worth around 78.5 billion. Also in his first business he opened it with someone named Paul Allen, but in Microsoft he opened the business by himself and later partnered with IBM. Microsoft was a huge success and bill gates at that time was the youngest billionaire at the age 31. All that money for me personally would be hard to handle and i would probably use it unwisely. As you can see his first business was not a success but it lead him to keep trying harder and eventually he built microsoft and is now living as a billionaire.
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Henry Ford

Henry Ford created the Ford Model T, the first car ever, and went on to build a whole assembly line of cars. He sold millions of cars and was a very successful person. He was not always that successful. In 1888 he married Clara Ala Bryant. He didn't have enough money to support his family so he had to go to the farms and work for three years. Luckily after those three years he got hired for the Edison Illuminating Company and because of his talents he got promoted to chief engineer. Later in his life he tried to build a horseless carriage. This would be hard for anyone to build because back then they didn't have the technology we have today. It took him many tries but he could not figure it out. Finally in 1903 he introduced the idea to the people in October 1908. His idea was a hit and he decided to make an assembly line of mass production in 1914. Henry Ford was one of the most perseverant people because even after all the failed attempts of the car he still kept on going and finally built it. This made him a very successful man and if he was alive he still would be because ford is still here today.
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Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan as most of us know was the best player in the NBA. But was he always that good. When Michael Jordan was a sophomore in college he was cut and put in a lower level from his high school basketball team. If i was in Jordan's position It would be hard for me to play basketball for a while. But Jordan didn't let this hold him down forever, He enrolled for college basketball at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He made the team and was a very important part of it. And he got chosen for NCAA college player of the year in 1983 and 1984. In Jordan's junior year he was drafted to the chicago bulls and proved himself on the court. He was the first player since Wilt Chamberlain to score over 300 points in a single season. He also went on to win 5 MVP awards.
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Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was a brilliant man who was born on February 11th, 1847. In his early years, when dison went to school his teachers would tell him he was too stupid to learn anything and was fired from his first two jobs. Thomas Edison was brave to go on despite all of the people going against him. If I was in his position that would demotivate me, but Thomas Edison didn't let that get to him and kept persevering. When he was 12 he convinced his parents to let him sell newspapers to passengers along the Grand Trunk Railroad line. Soon he began to publish his own articles called Grand Trunk Herald which was a big hit. Later Edison got fired from his job and had to sell his newspaper at various stations along the route. While he was working on the rail-road Edison saved a 3-year-old from being run over. As a reward from the 3-year-olds father Edison was lucky enough to be taught how to use the Typewriter. When he was age 15 he got a job as a telegrapher. He started to experiment with the telegraph technology and was familiar with science. At the age of 19 Edison moved to Kentucky and worked for the Associated Press. Later the telegraph came with sounds, and since he was half deaf it became a disadvantage. After a couple years, in 1869 he became interested in inventing and built his first of many inventions an improved stock ticker. After his invention he decided to be an inventor. In the following years he invented many different inventions and became successful off of them. People thought he was gonna be a big failure but he turned out to be a big success which tells me he is a very perseverant person.
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Walt Disney

Walt Disney was the creator of Disney and Mickey Mouse who most of us remember from our childhoods. Personally it was my favorite show. Most of us know about his success but he also had some failures along the way. Before Walt Disney decided to become an artist he tried to join the army but he was rejected because he was underage. This rejection caused him to join the red cross which he had to go to Paris for. When he got back he decided to peruse his cartoon career. He got hired as a newspaper artist but got fired. This caused him to stop doing cartoons for a while but he soon got back on his feet and created Micky mouse. This was a big hit in the market. He got most of his success from micky but also made alot from different animated films. Walt Disney was a successful man but had many depressing ifficulties in his life.

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