Come to our Store! H.L.F.

Come to our store, Hands Like Fitzgerald

Some stuff about our store

We are opening our store in the Bronx, NY and we have a things i'd like to tell you about. First this is our brand new store, and we have the best sports equipment from anywhere in the United States. Second we support certain NFL teams, because we have the best of the best equipment. Last we help thoughs kids in need and also the ones that cannot afford the equipment (poor families).

Our store sells the absolute best sports equipment.

Our store sells the absolute best sports equipment meant for Small, and big kids that love sports and we also provide some of the NFL's best teams with our sportswear.
  • White under armour Gloves- They are the best and most efficient at catching the fastest thrown Footballs. $49.99
  • Gold under armour Cletes- These cletes make you feel as if run at a more efficient and better speeds , compared to other cletes you can jump higher and Run faster. $99.99
  • Camoflauge Riddel Helmet- This helmet is the master piece for helmets it keeps you from getting concussions alot more than the average helmet and it absorbs the impact. $69.99
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Nike Stars and stripes Socks

These are one of the best set of socks because they keep your legs from sweating and they give you a boost feeling, also very decorative for in game use. $29.99

We are Hands Like Fitzgerald

We have the absolute best Sports Equipment in the Country.