Overcoming the Adversities of life.

How everyday people over come problems.


In everyday live you face lots of difficult adversities and problems. So did these people they are the same as us they all face problems, they just decided to make a change and overcome those problems. Noah Galloway and Nick Vujicic both have limbs missing, but that doesn't stop them. Noah went on Dancing with the Stars and did great. Nick is living his whole life without both his arms and legs, some people live like this, but they most likely have prosthetic limbs. Nick doesn't, despite the condition Nick lives his life normally without prosthetic limbs.

Jimmy Valvano

Living the Fullest of Life.

Jim Valvano was a coach and player for basketball. Lots of people liked him, and then he was diagnosed with cancer. That caused Jim to live differently, the cause although effected him to live the life he had left to the fullest. A lot of people hated on him for no reason, that caused him to just ignore those people and later he gave a great speech. To summarize the speech he said "There are three things in life that you should do each day, and if you do that it is a good day. One, laugh. Two, cry, and Three Think."

Jackie Robinson

Life in The MLB

In the MLB Mr. Ricky wanted to bring blacks into the MLB for a diverse community. When looking at people in different leagues, he found Jackie Robinson. He was the perfect player, he could field, hit, and he was really athletic. Jackie had been hated, even by his teammates and fans. Although Jackie was really mad at some points, he didn't show it to the public to show a bad reputation. Despite all of the hate, Jackie turned out to be one of the best baseball players of all time. Even if he wasn't a great player, he did something that no amount of skill could show. He changed baseball forever and brought people of other ethnicities and races into baseball.

Stephen J. Cannell


(1) Stephen J. Cannell had a scholarship offer to Oregon in 1961.

(2) Later on he lost his scholarship due to not having very good grades.

(3) Stephen decided to be a professional writer. His writing career began in 1966

(4) Stephen was astonished when a reviewer called him a brilliant up-and-coming genius.

(5) Stephen overcame his challenge of having dyslexia, and became a successful writer.

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Comparing Differences and Similarities


- Nick was born without limbs

- Nick lives his life without prosthetics

- Nick gives speeches to motivate people


- Both have to adapt to their conditions

- Both struggled learning

- Both have lost an arm

- Both have lost a leg

- Both motivate people to preserve over their adversities or problems they have and not to yield or feel overwhelmed


- Noah lost his limbs fighting

- Noah uses prosthetic limbs.

- Noah still motivates people, but on a TV Show