Fast Facts about Tar-Pamlico

1. The Tar-Pamlico river basin feeds into highly productive estuary that is a nursey for more than 90% of the commercial seafood in North Carolina.

2.Tar-Pamlico river basin covers 5571 square milles

3. Tar- Pamlico has 2335 miles of river and streams

!nformation on the river basin

  • the basin is in North Carolina between Hyde, Bertie Chowan
  • size is 5,571 miles
  • total miles of streams 2,335 miles
  • in 2010 the population was 414,242 people
  • in 2016 the population increased to 472,629 people

places to visit at the basin

  1. the North Carolina Esturtrium on the Pamlico river in Washington.
  2. Medoc Mountain State park- Hollister
  3. River park North -Greenville
  4. Rockey Mount Childrens Musums in Rockey Mountains
  5. Lake Mattamuskeet lodge in New Highland

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