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Divorces in families

Divore, in the past 50 years, has risen. In marriages where there is a high amount of conflict, children might benefit from the divorce. In the cases where there is really no conflict, children might suffer in society and school. Parents tend to bring unresolved problems in to their marriage and parenting. After divorce, parents tend to forget how to parent or how to parent well. Parents sometimes put there own needs and problems before that of their kids. Many young children will lose all boundaries and rules, because of all the mourning and sadness. Many kids have to find someone else to relay on besides the mom/father. Someone to talk to for support and to let go of any anger.


Divores in america

Divorce is a big thing now. Out of all Americans, 25% are getting a divorce. One person out of three people, if married, are getting divorces. The higher rates of divorce are pointed to non-christian, whites, hispanics and blacks. The lower rates point toward christians, catholics and asians. Out of all the marriages of atheists and agnostics, 30% of them end in divorce. This is showing that, depending on your religon and/or race, what the precentage of you ending in divorce.

Article by: Brelynn Beck