By: Devonte Battle


Slick, Style, & Smoove, Was relaxing at a friend Name Gizzle house playing video games. So Style Decides that he want to take the liberty of STEALING a couple of Gizzle video games Meanwhile Slick & Smoove Isn't agreeing with him one bit, but at the same time they are not gone speak of it, So Gizzle Decides To Leave The Room For A Glass Of Water, Meanwhile Style Makes His Move And STEAL A couple Of Gizzle's Video Games, So Gizzle Returns To The Room And All Of A Sudden Slick & Smoove Are Ready To Leave And So Is Style So Everyone Leaves The Room And Head Out the door. Later On That Night Gizzle Discover that couple of his Video games are missing So He quickly Pick Up The Phone!!!

Decision Making Process

What Is The Dilemma?

The Dilemma Is The Option The Either Let It Go Or Call His Friends.

What are the facts (2)?

The games Was There When He Left.

The Games Was Gone When He Returned.

What Are 2 Consequences And 2 Alternatives?

(Consequences)The Lost Of The Game Or The Lost Of A Friend.

(Alternatives)Buy New Games Or Don't Have Any More Company.

What Decision Would You Make?

I Wouldn't Let It Bother Me And Go Out And Purchase New Video games And Not Have The Same So Called Friends Over.

Why you think thats the right decision?

I Think its the right decision because you would be killing the with kindness and the guilt from him taking my belongings will play its part.