By Jaya Panicker

Country of Origin

The origins of the game of tennis are traced back to the 12th and 13th century In France starting with the French handball game "game of the palm".

Famous Athletes of the sport

Tennis in the 1880's were dominated by the twin brothers William and Ernest Renshaw. William won the Wimbledon singles championship seven times, and defeated his brother multiple times. Ernest win incentive and joining together they won the doubles championship seven times also. Sisters Venus and Serena Williams emerged as the new force on the women's' tour. They won multiple titles and were credited in popularizing tennis among African Americans.

Rules & Regulations

Positioning- Players are positioned on opposite sides of the court. The player who starts the point by putting the ball into play is the server. The player who is opposite from the server is the receiver.

Rules of Serving- The server must serve from the boundaries of the singles court, even numbered points are played from the advantage court(left), serves from the deuce court have to land in the deuce court in the opponent's service box and same for advantage, if the server misses the target twice the point is lost, and if the server steps on the baseline before the contact is made it is called "foot faulting" and if a foot fault occurs on the second serve the point is lost.

Receiving- The receiver can stand anywhere on the court, but they have to let the ball bounce in its service box before attempting to return the opponent's serve.

Rules of Scoring- The serve calls out their score first, then the receiver's score, Love means 0 in tennis, the first point won is a score of 15, then 30, and the third point is 40. If the score is 40-40, the score is called "deuce" and one player needs two consecutive points to win.

Net/Boundary Rules- If a shot lands outside the court boundaries, th player loses the point, and if a player can not make a definite call, the ball is considered in.


Balls- yellow or white

Court- smooth and level

Net- the net divides the court with an equal distance on the two sides

Racquet- a light bat with a frame of wood, steel, or graphite with cord stretched over the frame

Pro Tennis Leagues

U.S Open, Pro Circuit, Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Olympics/Paralympics, and World Team Tennis


Singles Game- Tag Team Singles, Relay tag tennis, King of The Court, and on-off singles

Doubles Game- Team Doubles, All position doubles, Triples, and Around the World

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