Spiders Taking over my Life

By; Dayanna Noreen Whitlow

Origin of this fear

Well, I have this fear called arachnophobia ( the fear of spiders) . It is not just any spiders I am scare of, I am scare of Tarantulas. This started when I was five or six years old( I think). It started with the pictures-I couldn't look at the pictures without screaming or crying.

How to live my life around this fear

Well, I hate going to the Wild Life place by Bay Beach and the New Zoo because they have spiders. I hate that I have this fear because I feel like a Debby downer because sometimes I avoid going into animal exhibits. This fear makes me anxious, uneasy, shaky, and I would to start to crying for hours ( maybe a little over doing it). Also, hate this fear because I hate crying and shaking because I look weird going it .