Mr. Jones

Better known as Czar Nicholas ll

Involvement in the Novel

In the novel, Mr. Jones is recognized as the farmer on Manor farm. He was then run off by his own animals. After 2 failed attempts at bringing the farm back into his own hands, he had finally given up. He came near starving the animals for their bad work, which Tsar Nicholas II had done also.



In Russia Tsar Nicholas II was a questionable leader, because the he had been very ruthless with the killing of his people. During WW1, he was very frightful at the sight of Russia losing. Before the Russian Revolution had begun, he was killed. Therefore putting Stalin closer to the crown.

Allegorical Meaning

It states that Mr. Jones was run off by his animals ( representing him being killed.) Knowing the allegorical meaning gives us/the reader a better knowledge of what George Orwell is trying to convey. Without this knowledge the book to you would show nothing but a mean pig.