A Cristmas Carol

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Why you should see A Cristmas Carol

The play A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens adds a lot of new, interesting points or people that were not put into the book. One example is the character Merriweather who is Scrooges maid. She seems to hate her life. Merriweather also sings Christmas songs but makes them sound impolite or rude. Another example is the dancing Fezziwigs seemed really lively. It looked like everyone from town came to the biggest party, it was always the best time of the year. Lastly, when they went back to Scrooge's childhood he had imaginary friend which was a parrot and another, a pirate. It made it look like he was having a little fun even though he was by himself. In conclusion, I would recommend seeing the play because it is very lively with new scenes that weren't in the book. I would also recommend reading the book before seeing the play because then you could see what they added or what's different between the play and book.


One thing that Scrooge from A Christmas Carol had to sacrifice is his marriage with Belle. Belle thought that Scrooge cared more about money than her. As a result of that she broke off the engagement. One example of sacrifice in my life is every Christmas we take money and buy presents for other children who might not get anything if we didn't get presents for them.