Laurel Family Newsletter

Laurel Letter (LL): Week of August 24

Welcome back to the 2020 school year!

School officially began on Monday, August 17th, and the first week was a success! We realize that there were challenges, and some families initially had some issues with devices or logging into meetings. However, I want to personally thank you for your patience, time and effort to help your child connect last week with their teacher. In fact, we had over 97% of Laurel students connected with their teachers throughout the week. Indeed, this success was a result of great teamwork between you, our staff and your child-thank you!

This is the first of the weekly family Newsletter that I will send to you through email. The Newsletter will also be posted on our school website at

Laurel Family (Virtual) Information Night: Wednesday, Aug.26th

I am inviting you to join me for our second Virtual Family Information Meeting on Wednesday, August 26th. During this important virtual meeting, you will learn about updates for this week, online testing, and also learn about the counseling and community resources available to you and your child.


  • First Week Highlights

  • Updates-iReady testing family video

  • Presentation from counselor and PFCS

  • Q & A

We have set-up different time options for your convenience. Please click on the link below to sign up and attend one of the information meetings.

Wednesday August 26th, Parent ZOOM Information Night #2

  • 8 to 9am Spanish Presentation
  • 9:30 to 10:30 am English Presentation
  • 5 to 6pm Spanish Presentation
  • 6:10 to 7:10pm English Presentation

Student Supply and Material distribution (Aug. 26 & 27th)

This week, on Wednesday August 26th and Thursday August 27th we have scheduled the distribution of student supplies and materials. It is very important that these supplies and materials are picked up as students will need them for next week. Please review the dates and times listed below and be sure to mark it on your calendar. You can also find this information on our Laurel web page (

Wednesday, Aug. 26th

5th grade, 8:30 to 9am

4th grade, 9am to 9:30am

3rd grade, 9:30 10am

2nd grade,10 to 10am

1st grade, 10:30 to 11am

Kinder, 11 to 11:30am

Walk up only, 11:30 to 12pm

Thursday , Aug. 27th

Kinder, 11 to 11:30am

1st grade, 11:30 to 12pm

2nd grade, 12 to 12:30pm

3rd grade, 12:30 to 1pm

4th grade, 1 to 1:30pm

5th grade, 1:30 to 2pm

Walk only, 2 to 2:30pm


As a reminder, face to face interaction is key to virtual learning.
  • Attendance will be taken daily during the face-to-face interaction (zoom sessions) with teachers and peers

  • Parents/guardians will need to call the school to clear face-to-face absences

  • If your child is unable to connect to their live class zoom session and is absent for the day, please be sure to let the teacher know and call the school office-this absence will be considered Excused.

  • Daily automated calls when students miss to families will help families monitor attendance

  • The principal and support staff will contact families of students to identify supports needed by families

School Staff & District Help

This week, we will continue to provide the same level of individual support for students and parents. If you run into any problems or need assistance this week, please be sure to contact your teacher or the front office at (760) 966-4203. We are here to help!

OUSD Technology Service Desk

  • Available to students & parents/guardians for assistance with OUSD devices, OUSD account issues, connectivity, and general technical support for teaching & learning

  • (760) 966-4444

  • Hours: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

ITS Site:

Tech Support Site:

OUSD Child Care Interest Form

Please complete the Child Care Interest form below if you are interested in child care and academic support during typical school hours (7:30 am-3:00 pm) while school is held virtually.

  • The purpose of Expanded Enrichment is to provide additional low-cost support to families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Interest in the program currently far exceeds the capacity to provide this service for all families.
  • Priority consideration for child care will be given to elementary students who are the children of first responders and health care workers.
  • Space is still available at this time but limited