We want to make 2015 vision happen together

Hello , I am part of awesome iGIP team AIESEC in Kocaeli , Turkey. As you know expa is not working and we have 30 available TNs . We want to match all of them without EXPA.

We are creating the leadership that will change our future.

About our LC and Location

AIESEC Kocaeli is second biggest local in iGIP in Turkey. We have almost 40 interns from many diffirent countries. Also we have a special team for intersting our interns . We had iGIP award in Turkey , last year.

Kocaeli is the most developed cities in Turkey. Also we are near İstanbul just 1.5 hours with bus. Kocaeli has 2 sea (Marmara and Blacksea )


15 Marketing TNs , 10 Teaching TNs , 3 IT and 2 TT TNs available. If you have EP who is interesting experience in TURKEY please send their CV to me. We can make interview with them and match them ASAP.