Mountain Lion Update

September 19th - September 23rd

Principal's Corner

Great week last week! Let's do it again!

  • Grade book information is out! It is a new grade book and using the old will only create problems for you. I will send you the information in an "easy to follow" handout"as soon a s I get it. No more JAVA!! It is web based and should run smoother. If it;s not fast enough for you- hard wire into the internet, that'll speed it up.
  • True North Logic (the site you registered for pd on Aug. 12 & 26) is the place where all feedback on formal evaluations, informal walk thru's, coaching events,etc. will live. I am attaching a handout on how to navigate this site. I will also show you on Friday. Please register to start receiving emails when one of us adds an entry for you!
  • Veteran's Day is slowly approaching. An initiative is going around asking children to thank our veteran's. Consider this as a homework assignment and I'll make sure they get to the right people!
  • RAPS dates have been calendared for you. These new dates were put out by C& I-please progress monitor. If students do not do this- they can't demonstrate a year's growth- the RAPS System isn't designed that way.
  • Literacy Night is on Tuesday. If you would like to participate, please email me, I have a few ideas for activities. We will hold 15 minute rotations- Literacy Connects will provide dinner. Let me know! It's from 6-7:30.
  • Train Safety Assemblies- Please stay to your assigned time. We've never had this partnership before, hoping it's informative and awesome!

Seven Principles of Instructional Core

Strengthening the Instructional Core helps you meet your potential as an educator. Your students reap the benefits of your awesomeness!

Principle #1

Increases in student learning occur only as a consequence of improvements in the level of content, teacher’s knowledge and skills, and student engagement

Principle #2

If you can change any single element in the instructional core you have to change the other two to affect student learning

Principle #3

If you can’t see it in the core, it’s not there

Principle #4

Task predicts performance

Principle #5

The real accountability system is in the task the students are asked to do

Without fail- you nailed this on Tuesday. You were focused, well planned and students were engaged with the right level of work. Stay the course and ask for help if you find yourself challenged. THIS will close the achievement gap!

Principle #6

We learn to do the work by doing the work, not by telling other people to do the work, not by having done the work in the past, and not by hiring experts/ proxies for our knowledge about how to do the work.

Principle #7

Description before analysis, analysis before prediction, prediction before evaluation.

PBIS - Behavior / Class Meetings

As of Friday afternoon we have received 24 office referrals for behavior. 18 of these fall under major violations on our behavior flowchart. Thank you for following our school flowchart and creating systems within your classroom and teams to address minor behaviors (I know they don't feel so minor at times ~ proud of you!).

Several of these incidents may have been avoided if the root issue was addressed early on. Due to whatever reason sometimes things fall under our radar... That's normal.

So, what can we do to identify student/classroom issues that are happening unbeknownst to us? A possible solution... Class Meetings! Have you had one yet??

Tech Tool of the Week

Courtesy of districts "Curriculum Contemplations" ~ This online tool can be used to make curriculum related worksheets interactive. The site is and it allows you to upload assignments, view student responses, and grade student work. On the student end, they have the ability to type, draw representations, view teacher feedback, and see proficiency levels. This tool might cut down on paper use and increase organizational skills (for us as well as the students :)). Check out the video below for a 5 minute introduction.

Teach Like a Champion

Have you read one of the 3 techniques? Have you tried one? Tell me how it went?

1. No Opt Out P.28

2. Circulate P.84

3. Everybody Writes P. 137

Formative Assessment Session 2

Wednesday, Sep. 28th, 2pm


Our second PD session on Formative Assessment is on Wednesday. Please be prompt so we can stay within our hour. It is going to be interactive and Teacher Agency Focused! We look forward to learning together.

You need your Teacher Handbook and Teach Like A Champion Book!

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September 2016

Monday 09/19


RAPS Assessment - Kinder

8:15 6th Grade Student Meeting- LRC

Tuesday 09/20

SV Literacy Night

RAPS Assessment - Kinder

Wednesday 09/21

Home Preparedness Training 1:00-5:00 (SV Families)

RAPS Assessment - Kinder

Thursday 09/22

TAT Meeting 7:30

RAPS Assessment - Kinder

Friday 09/23

Staff Meeting @ 730

Leadership Meeting 8:30-10:30

PAW Store During Lunches

Train Safety Presentation 8:15-9:15 4th-6th

Train Safety Presentation 9:30-10:30 K-3rd

Cross Country @ Los Ninos 3:45-4:45

RAPS Assessment - Kinder

Monday 09/26


Dictionary Presentation 8:15-9:15 3rd Grade

Tuesday 09/27

Cross Country @ Santa Clara 3:45

Wednesday 09/28

Formative Assessment @ 2pm LRC

Thursday 09/29

TAT Meeting 7:30

Site Visit 9:00-10:00

Friday 09/30

Staff Meeting @ 730

Leadership Meeting 8:30-10:30

PTO Meeting @ 815

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September Birthdays!

Olga Carr 11th

Stephanie Shay 18th

Manny Parra 23rd

Miguel Lara 30th

Summit View Fall Carnival

Friday, Oct. 28th, 4pm

1900 East Summit Street

Tucson, AZ

Save the date!

Consider helping us with games again please!

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