Agriculture Mechanics

By: Laryssa Snead

Safety of operate metal power and hand tools

  1. Identifying hazardous conditions in regards to hand/power tools
  2. Inspecting areas to ensure that this policy is being adhered to.
  3. Provid safety awareness training.

The Things You Do

  • testing/installing new equipment, such as harvesters, crop sprayers, storage facilities and logging machinery.
  • analysing GPS and weather data and using computer modelling to advise farmers and businesses on land use, for instance how to increase crop yields or cope with changing climate conditions
  • planning service and repair programmes for machinery

These Are Some of The Tools You Would Use

How Much Mechanics Make

The average mechanic makes $39,450 per year, which is very little higher than what many social services workers earn. For instance, landscapers and groundskeepers make $26,300 annually. With yearly earnings of $37,710, maintenance and repair workers also make less than auto techs.
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