By: Naomi Callaway, Elissa Hammonds, and Benji Hunt :)

project identified

So our fantastic inquiry idea was that we would take everyday food items (apple, carrots,rice) , grind them up into a soil-like substance, then put premature gardenias in each to see if they would grow or wilt every single day for eight days.

our food items were apples, rice, carrots, and a combination of all three.


As you know, all great science experiments must start with a theory, or a hypothesis. well ours was that if we grind up apples, rice, and carrots, then combine them together. then the combination will grow the fastest.

IV/DV/C...independent variable, dependent variable, constant!!!

our IV was the type of foods we used,and the type of flower our DV was how much it grew/wilted, and last but not least our constant was the amount of water that we had in the cups. we wold water it everyday (if needed) to ensure that the water level stays the same.



In doing this inquiry project we have come to the conclusion that our hypothesis, if we combine all three food-soild together, then it will grow better than the other ground substances, is in fact wrong. our opinion on why is based off of our observations which in this case the combonation flower pot had more fruit flies than the rest and there was a ton more mold on the combo than the rest. judging from this we think that the mold backtracked the growing process because of all the harmful germs that mold can carry.After eight days of all of the plants sitting at the windowsill the combo looked shriveled and it looked as if it would not grow any longer. In the beginning, however, all of our plants were healthy and premature to allow room for growth, after about five days we noticed that the carrots and the combonation started to slowly wilt. some questions that we came up with were: why did the combonation wilt the fastest? why didn't the apple's acidic acids kill the flower firsthand? and Are there any other foods that would help plant grow better?

Thank you!!!

thank you for taking the time out of your day to look at this project! i hoped you enjoyed it and hopefully you've learned enough to possibly start your own food soil investigation. so thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Elissa Hammonds, Naomi Callaway, and Benji Hunt!!!! :) :) :) :)