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Principal's Corner

Happy New School Year! We have survived our first full week of school and happily moving into another. The scholars have begun the year safe, unified, respectful, and focused. We are proud of them! Thank you parents and guardians for helping your scholar be successful.

As we continue to make the year great we share a few important reminders:

All Students are expected to wear uniforms. Uniforms shirts are allowed to be: any color as long as it has a collar (polo/oxford style). Uniform bottoms are allowed to be: Khaki or navy. Khaki and Navy blue uniform dresses are allowed. For safety reasons shoes must be closed-toed. Hoodies are not permitted at Stono Park.

Scholars must have clear backpacks. We are asking every scholar to please have a clear backpack by September 12, 2022. If you need assistance please contact the school and let Ms. Smalls, Ms. Rivers, or Ms. Alter know that your scholar needs a clear backpack.

This year will be a great year and we are looking forward to it. Thank you parents and guardians for helping your scholar be successful and for supporting education at Stono Park.

Upcoming Events at Stono Park Elementary

9/5- Labor Day- No School

9/13- Special Person's Lunch with Students

9/15- Hispanic Heritage Month

9/19 - Picture Day

9/21- Open House 6pm-7pm

9/23- Early Release @ 1:30pm

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RSVP Here for Special Person's Day

If you did not send in the paper RSVP you can RSVP here on this link. Please make sure you bring your photo ID or you will not be able to enter the building.

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Check Out what our Stono Scholars are learning about in ELA this quarter!

CD- The First 6 Weeks- Building Your Classroom Community and Trees

Kindergarten- Toys and Play Students will interview a classmate about their favorite toy and then present this information at the end of the module Celebration of Learning.

1st Grade- Toys and Work Students will create a magnificent thing (a product that fulfills a need or solves a problem within their classroom) and then write a description of what their group has created. This will be shared at the end of the module Celebration of Learning.

2nd Grade- Schools and Communities Students will create an informational book titled "The Most Important Thing About Schools." These books will be presented at the end of the module Celebration of Learning.

3rd Grade- Overcoming Learning Challenges Near and Far Students will write a reading contract and create a bookmark listing strategies to use when reading.

4th Grade- Poetry, Poets and Becoming Writers Students will write an original poem as well as a speech describing what inspired their poem. This will be shared at the end of the module Celebration of Learning.

5th Grade- Stories of Human Rights Students will write a monologue based on a character's reaction to an event from Esperanza Rising Students will write about the human right challenged by the event described in the monologues, identify the corresponding article from the UDHR, and explain how people are impacted by this issue today. Monologues will be performed at the end of the module Celebration of Learning.

September's Character Trait is Work Ethic

The Book of the Month is Ambitious Girl by Meena Harris. It correlates to our character skill for September which is Work Ethic. Check out our Book of the Month with your student at home.
#BNStorytime: Meena Harris reads AMBITIOUS GIRL

Nurse's Note

There are a few things that you can do to help us have a healthier school year.

1. Covid and other illnesses are already circulating. If your child is running fever, has vomiting, diarrhea, a severe cough or congestion, headache or stomachache, please keep them home and see the doctor. If it is covid, they will need to do a 5 day quarantine and like all illness, they cannot return until they have been fever free for 24 hours without the need for medicine and the symptoms are vastly improved. Please let us know if it is covid, so that we can have the classroom and bus fogged. We can also get any work needed for your child from their teacher. They will need to wear a mask on day 6-10 of their return. After illness, please bring in the doctor note clearing your child to safely be back. We also need this after an injury like a sprain.

2. Help your child adjust to the new school year by caring for their body. They need 10 hours of sleep each night. Send a water bottle to stay hydrated. Wear light colored clothing to reflect light and to stay cool, as it is still the summer season. Do an assessment each morning. Are they feeling well? Do they have fever? If they take daily medicine- have they had it?

3. Please send an extra set of clothing for your child. Every day, we have bathroom accidents, spills of milk or food, teeth coming out , nosebleeds, slips in the mud at recess and other needs like a broken zipper. Your child can change quickly and avoid being in the germs of the clinic, waiting to find donated clothes that may or may not fit.

4. Fix a first aid kit for your home and add any medicines for cough , cold, stomach ache and pain relief that your doctor recommends. Be prepared for sudden illness or injury.

5. If you have not had your yearly well child check up , please schedule that. It is important to monitor growth and well being. The doctors like to get to know you and your child when they are well. Please get any needed immunizations at that time. A completed SC immunization report is required for school. The 4 year check up is when you get 4 or 5 important booster shots.Your child's doctor or the health department can help you with this. We are seeing cases of measles, mumps and polio this year. Make sure that your child is protected.

6 If your child needs any medicine at school, please bring the completed doctor order form and medicine to the clinic to be signed in and locked up. It is very unsafe and illegal to send medicine on the bus and in backpacks. An adult needs to bring it. If you need a form, let us know. Most all doctors have our school form.

Thank you for your help to make our school healthy and safe.

Nurse Wendy

School Attendance Matters!

Stono Park Elementary School Day- 8:30am - 3:30pm

Students can enter the building starting at 8:05am but are considered tardy after 8:30am. If your student has more than 5 unexcused tardies a conference is held to problem solve getting to school on time. (If bus is tardy then the tardy is excused)

We begin dismissal at 3:25pm. If your student is a car rider please ensure that you are in our car rider line by 3:40pm.

We also offer Kaleidoscope After School Program for our Stono Park Scholars from 3:30pm-6pm daily. Kaleidoscope is open on teacher work days, early release days and 1/2 days of school. You also have the option to register your child for Kaleidoscope and not use them every day if you don't need the service but would still be available to your student on days you might need a late pick up or on those early release/teacher work days!

Check out the flyer above. Contact Venessa Hew at 843-518-1133 or email her at Vanessa_hew @ for any questions

The Importance of School Attendance

The Importance of School Attendance

As early as elementary school, students who miss just two school days each month are more likely to fall behind in reading, writing and math, even if the absences are excused. While some challenges to a child’s attendance are unavoidable, it’s important to understand the impact of each absence.

As long as your child is healthy, please encourage showing up to class when school is in session daily and on time. Every day of school is an important opportunity for students to learn as well as connect to peers and their teachers.

If your child is absent please make sure an excuse is sent in within 3 days of the student returning back to school. A student is considered Truant if they have missed 3 consecutive days of school without a doctor's excuse or 5 unexcused absences total. Once a student has 3 unexcused absences then a Truancy Warning Letter is sent home. Once a student has 5 unexcused absences a Truancy Conference has to occur with the caregiver.

A student is chronically absent if he or she misses only two days of school per month (18 days per year). Even one year of chronic absence can cause a child to fall behind academically and decrease a child’s chances of graduating from high school, which can have long-term consequences on their financial independence, physical well-being and mental health.

Parents can prepare their children for a lifetime of success by making regular school attendance a priority and understanding the reasons for their child’s absences.

Thank you for partnering with us to help your child learn, thrive and succeed.

Social-Emotional Learning: What Is SEL and Why SEL Matters

What is SEL?

What is SEL? Social-emotional learning (SEL) is the process of developing the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and life success. The creators of Second Step show what social-emotional skills are and the important role they play throughout our lives.

Learn more at Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum | Committee for Children (

Social Emotional Groups at Stono

Mr. Williams and Mrs. Rivers will be starting SEL Groups in a few weeks. Permission Slips will be sent home and need to be returned to your teacher in order for your student to participate.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources for Home

Social Emotional Learning Books to take out at the Library

Did you Know?

The Charleston County Public Library loans SC Aquarium passes, Children Museum passes, State Park Passes. All CCSD Students have a library card number so visit Charleston County Public Library ( Look up the Park Pass you are interested in Classic Category and type in the pass you want to loan out and put the pass on hold.

The Charleston County Public Library also has Free Virtual Tutoring with student's library Card. Visit Student Center | Charleston County Public Library ( to take advantage of this free resource.

Teach your Child Essential Mental Health Skills

The elementary-age videos feature hedgehog characters in imaginative stories to teach key skills in a way that kids will enjoy watching and remember longer. Each video comes with Skill Sheets that summarize and reinforce key ideas.

Supporting Early Literacy at Home: A Parent's Guide

“Supporting Early Literacy at Home: A Parent's Guide” is a series of online, self-paced learning modules designed to provide information for parents and caregivers so that they can support their children’s early literacy development.

Click Here for your Family Reading Guide

Family Guide to help support your student with reading.

Check out the Bridges Family Support Page

This resource shows you how math looks in a Bridges in Mathematics classroom and how students learn concepts and strategies. Learn ways you can foster your student's math thinking.

Reading with your Children

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NEW Program to Support Families with Internet!

To support families with internet service during COVID-19, the FCC has a new

program called Emergency Broadband Benefit. Households with students who receive free or reduced-price school meals, including ALL students in CEP schools, qualify for the program. There are three ways to apply:

  1. Apply online at
  2. Contact the local broadband provider to learn about their application process (find participating broadband providers here)
  3. Call 833-511-0311 for a mail-in application.

Mortgage and Housing Assistance: Help for homeowners and renters during the coronavirus national emergency

SC Assistance to Help Homeowners

South Carolina has nearly $145 million to help homeowners with COVID woes. Questions? You can email; or call 803-702-5222 or 833-405-3080, from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. weekdays or visit:

Rent & Utility Assistance

Food Assistance

How can I support you?

My goal is to provide an easy way for you to find community resources, tips & tricks for academic support at home and upcoming events at the school or in our community.

Traci Alter - Parent Advocate

Feel free to reach out for any resources, support or referral for services.