How To Make Your New Home

Creating Shelter for Survival

Setting Up

  • Start small, if you are tired then wait to you are well rested
  • When you have the energy look for palm tree fonds or anything that is sturdy enough to support a shelter
  • When you have enough resources you can begin making your shelter

Debris Hut

  • In order to make this form of shelter you need a long rig pole and a sturdy base along with a lot of stakes
  • Lean stakes up against the whole rig pole
  • When this is completed place smaller sticks and a cover on top and insulate the inside

Beach Shade Shelter

  • To make this shelter you need the beach and some wood to hold up the roof
  • Dig out a hole long enough for your body and make it run north and south to avoid sunlight
  • When the hole is dug use the wood to make the roof and support it
  • After the structure is finished use grass and leaves to make the sleeping area

Tipi Shelter

  • This is a very basic shelter all you need is some long sticks and something to cover it
  • Have three of the sticks in a tripod set up then add more sticks
  • Once you have the three add more sticks to complete the structure
  • Add sticks and leaves to make your cover

Settling Down

  • Once a shelter is established either temporary or permanent you can focus on other matters
  • The more effort you put into building the shelter, the longer it will last
  • Double check the shelter just be be sure it wont fall apart while you are sleeping!