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Meet the Library Media Specialist

Hi! I am Jordan Shannon and this is my second year as the LMS at Lowell Elementary! I am so excited to learn with our Lowell Family through researching, reading, creating, and exploring! Please follow our instagram @Lowell_Braves_Library or our Facebook page @LowellElementary to catch some of the exciting learning that will be taking place this new school year!


Reading helps us expand our vocabulary, grow in comprehension, builds confidence, introduces readers to the world and it is just plain fun! Our goal at Lowell Elementary is to have our kids read something interesting for at least 20 minutes every night!

Spice up reading a bit by:

  • Reading with a friend
  • Have a parent read to you
  • Read to a stuffed animal
  • Record yourself reading and become a youtube superstar
  • Read to your pets

What do we do in the Lowell Learning Hub?


What is a Digital Citizen?

If you are a GREAT Digital Citizen then you demonstrate and practice safe and responsible use of technology. A GREAT Digital Citizen is someone who is responsible, safe, and kind while using the internet.

We'd LOVE to speak with you

We always love having volunteers come in to work with our kids, shelve books, and be an important part of our Lowell Family. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to collaborate!

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