Why not Virginia?

By: Jingyu Lee

We are filled with History!

We were the very first permanent English Colony in North America! We were first colonized because of trade. We hoped to make money by sending people to America to find gold and to return them back to England for a profit. While in Virginia, we happened to establish a legislative assembly that was similar to England's parliament and was called the House of Burgesses.

Our Specialty

Even though we couldn't find gold, we were able to find tobacco instead. Because we found a lot more than we anticipated, tobacco became a major source of income. The only reason we are so wealthy is because of our tobacco and our geography. Virginia is located near the coast and so we are able to ship out our goods to different colonies quicker and faster.
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Struggles make us stronger

Harvesting and cultivating tobacco was hard work so we needed some additional help. When we first arrived at Virginia, there were Native Americans that lived on this land for centuries. We "asked" them to leave the area that was used for agricultural purposes. However, this was not enough for the colonists who didn't own any land. Landless colonists and slaves joined together to lead a revolt against our governor and its supporters. We decided to call this the Bacon's Rebellion. The colonists and slaves demanded that the governor kick out the Native Americans for good so that they can get their land. But the governor put down the rebellion and made new laws so that this would never happen again.


There was a law in 1624 requiring all Virginians to worship in the Anglican church. Due to this law, we are very religious. We are also not tolerant to any other religion besides Christianity.
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We wouldn't be where we are today without these key individuals. Captain John Smith was credited with saving the colony from disaster because he was able to negotiate with the Indians. We also wouldn't be here today without Chief Powhatan. Because he moved his people away from the land, we were able to harvest the tobacco and become wealthy.
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Exciting prizes

If you're still not interested in coming to Virginia, this will surely change your mind. If you come now, we will throw in a brand new slave and offer you a job in the tobacco business. So...what do you say?