Media Center-Classroom Connection

Informational Text Resource

Extreme Explorer: National Geographic

March Issue

Has a great issue dealing with Life Science( Early Warning and Wild Wetlands) and Physical Science ( Free Fall).

Instructor: Scholastic

Winter 2014

  • Printable resources: Just Rewards
  • This is NOT Close Reading (But we'll tell you what is)
  • Cultivating WILD Readers: My strategies for building a lifelong love of reading in students.


March 2014

Marie Curie: Science Pioneer

Periodic Table of Elements with 2014 update

Contest in a Word

Match the elements to their spots!

Common Core State Standards

Activies that provide opportunities for students to practice their mastery of individual standards.

Full of printable resources!!!!

Sushi Monster

Let your students gobble up math facts of multiplication practice. Available in iTunes. Check it out!