Anna: A Writer

A girl who loves to write about crazy things!


Likes to listen to music when she writes. Is willing to share allowed. Is ok with trying new things. Writers block scarers me. And just plain out loves to write!

A Memorable Experience

In 2nd Grade I wrote about a triathlon that I did. It meant a lot to me because it was the first triathlon and I felt really great about it.

I actually just found it a few days ago and read it. I laughed at myself, because there were so many miss spelled things and such bad grammar.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

  1. I want to improve my spelling
  2. Try to write more
  3. Try to focus on one grammar subject at a time and when I have memorized it move on to another.

About Me

I love Lacrosse. I love camp, that's where I am in that picture of me and my friend. I love music, listening to it helps me focus ( I like to sing along!! (: ).