Forensic Scientist

If you're gonna do the crime, be prepared to do the time

By: Ashley Zaita 801

Criminal Case (in the App Store)

Over the break I've been playing this game and it was very enjoyable. I'm not actually working with these materials, it is simulated but yet seems real. The object of the game is to go through different cases and find out who's guilty by finding clues in the crime scene. You observe all different types of things. For example, I looked through leaves and found a business card of the man who was killed in the house and I looked through garbage and found a receipt of a bottle of the drugs found empty in the abandoned home and a band-aid, so the suspect has to be wearing a bandaid. The process takes time so been though I've played a bit, I was only on level 2.

There's no I in TEAM

If you can't work with other people this career isn't for you. When I find more objects or something unclear like a phone number they scan and try and find who's number it is, or look at a fingerprint to see who was here. Most importantly, you always need someone to come to the scene with you, you never go alone. You have to count on a lot of different people, which I like about this occupation the most.

Some images of forensic scientists at crime scenes:

Forensic Science is a college major!

I find forensics fascinating but the thing that makes it even better is that it has to do with math too. You measure and sketch a room or distance from the victims body to the window. Forensic scientists can see where in the room the killer shot the victim, they can see what the killer killed the victim with if the mark was just on his/her body. I would love this job as my occupation. You can learn all about this in college too. In the image on the right that is a group working on a fake crime scene in front of the teacher (in the corner with a binder), probably to see what they've learned. Forensic Scientist Education Requirements: A minimum of a bachelor's degree in natural science or forensic science is required for working in this field. Some labs might require a master's degree in forensic science for more advanced positions, such as lab technician leader or supervisor.
Click Here to see a Forensic Scientist at work

Did you see how the man put the strip of tape in an almost ink like substance that shows the fingerprints of the possibly criminal? Wow.

More about the Forensic Scientist career

A forensic scientist with a master's degree can earn higher salaries working for specific types of employers, especially those in which all forensics earn more. For example, the federal executive branch of government paid forensic scientists the most at $94,800 per year, according to 2012 BLS data. (


Qualities and skills of a forensic scientist:

  • Ability to work with a team
  • Communication and quantitative skills
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Detail-oriented
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Integration and application of knowledge
  • Observational and investigative skills
  • Professional values and ethics
  • Understanding of relationships, interactions and patterns



Forensic scientists work in the justice system. If you have a criminal record, you have virtually no chance of getting a job as a forensic scientist. If you use drugs you usually can forget it.