3rd Grade News

Eagle Elementary - Mrs. Grant (August 28, 2015)

Meet the Teacher night

Thank you for coming on Thursday. If you couldn't make it, please email your child's t-shirt size for their Jog-A-Thon shirt and let me know your availability for the evenings of Oct. 6-7 (parent teacher conferencs)

What we have been up to....


It was wonderful seeing you all last night and thank you for taking the extra time to come in to my room! I will have three sections to my reading wrap up for you each week. National Geographic Work, Unit of Study Work, and How Can you Support at Home.

National Geographic

This week we focused on the plot reading strategy. We read the mentor text Those Shoes and had a great discussion about empathy, author’s purpose, plot, and character actions that affect the story. Students also read in small group with Mrs. Grant where they practiced fluency, writing the plot of their story, and discussing the theme within the group. We will take a reading assessment on Monday which will guide my small group instruction for the following week.

Unit of Study

This week we focused on talking about books with our partner, asking questions, writing reading goals, and writing a visualization response. With our mentor text Ruby Goldberg’s Bright Idea (I’m reading), we focused on visualizations, plot, and thinking about our reading.

How Can you Support at Home

The 30 book challenge was given out last night and that will need support throughout the year. J Also, show them you are a reader.. whether it be that you read ESPN.com every morning, The NY Times, the newest book in your favorite series, etc. They will love that!

Reading gives you some place to go when we have to stay where we are.


We had a great week last week topped off with game day on Friday. This week we will be starting lesson 1.8 and working through 1.12. Skills covered will include using a number grid to find differences, using a calculator, counting and comparing money, interpreting data and pictographs, and solving number patterns. Counting change is always tricky for many kids as is telling time. These would be the two most important skills I would reinforce at home. We are nearing the end of unit 1 and look to be finished with it early next week followed by 1 math test.

Language/Grammar- This week our language skill was action, linking, and helping verbs. This was tricky for some so please reinforce as needed at home. I added verbs to our Scootpad assignment for additional support.

Word Study - We worked hard this week on our word sorts and met with Mrs. Grant to talk about the word patterns. Please check out the below video to learn a bit more about our Words Their Way program.

Words Their Way - In Practice

How can you help at home?