5th Grade News!

For the Week of November 24-28

Learning Objectives


  • Determine author's purpose in folktales
  • ***Tuesday - Quiz on folktales (summarizing; analyzing characters, plot, and message; determining phenomenon explained by myths)***

Language Arts

  • Write a historical narrative: drafting our central character


  • Analyze data in various forms and create graphs


  • Determine causes of earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, and floods

Social Studies

  • Write a thankful message from the point of view of an American Patriot during Revolutionary War times


No Homework Next Week!

Information and News

Thanksgiving Break

There will be no school on November 26, 27, and 28. Enjoy the long weekend with your family!


If you purchased Packpons, here are the dates for the remainder of the PackPon days. Your teachers have a list of all the students who bought them at the beginning of the year. You may still purchase packpons - bring $5 to school! :)

Extra Recess - 11/24
Hat Day – 12/5
Sunglasses – 12/16

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