Medieval Europes' society

Smore by: Gracie Bagwell and Sam Gattis

Education in medieval Europe

Education was barely important until it started to make a stronger image on success. Only some could go to school, and most of them were boys. Girls were sent to do household chores. Boys learned manners and chess. Education was only open to high class boys. They were taught by monks. Everything the students learned was spoken. Memorization was very important. Quills were only used by masters of writing. Students would carve into a wax board. Basic education was the seven liberal arts. It was a key to the ordered universe. They were divided into trivium and quadrivium. Trivium taught essential behavior for church, and speaking and grammar. Quadrivium taught science, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music. This was used for medicine and law and theology.

Math was very important. Numbers they used were Roman numerals. However, the Hindu Arabic (modern day) numerals were introduced. Zero didn't exist.
Play was popular. by mirroring adult activities, they learned. Such as hunting or cooking.

Families in medieval Europe

a group was made of one or two parents and their children. Fortune ran in the family. Segregation and discrimination against sexes was common in households. Marriages had nearly nothing to do with love. In fact, money was used to affect the family or economy. Parents tried to betroth their children to high statuses. Either the father or son inherited, or the daughters' husband. If a woman spoke up she would get beaten. Divorce was rare. Women's jobs were to go shopping for food, and preserving food.