Cynthia Rylant

An Author Study

3rd Grade Author Study

This year, students will complete a unit focusing on stories written by Cynthia Rylant.

Cynthia Rylant has written over 100 children's books, and she writes many books based on her own experiences. Her stories relate to family and pets and are easy for our students to relate to. We will work on many reading strategies and skills as we read her books. We will spend time focusing on a few of her many books.

Cynthia Rylant has written many other books that we will not read in class. You can see some of the titles of her other books below. If you enjoy reading her books, I encourage you to look for some of her books in the school library or at the public library to read on your own.

Below, you can learn more about Cynthia Rylant as an author.

Learn more about Cynthia Rylant by watching the video below...

Profile of Cynthia Rylant

Cynthia Rylant's Works

Books we will read in school:

Books to find and read on your own:

Find Cynthia Rylant's books at Worcester Public Library

Click the link below to see other books written by Cynthia Rylant and to see which books are available at Worcester Public Library (3 Salem Street, Worcester, MA)

"The Relatives Came" read aloud

Listen to the story "The Relatives Came" below.

The Relatives Came

"Poppleton" (Book One) Read Aloud

Listen to the story "Poppleton" below.

Poppleton - Neighbors

Write a letter to Cynthia Rylant

If you would like to write to Cynthia Rylant to ask her a question or tell her how much you like her books, you can use the address below.

Cynthia Rylant, Author

Simon and Schuster Children's Books
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

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