3S Sensations

Classroom Housekeeping...


I'm sure you have heard by now that Ms. Gensel was needed to replace our Computer Lab EA and will no longer be working in our classroom daily. We are sad to see her GO!

Ms. Krista Sweeten started today and will be with us for the rest of the year. She is coming to us after completing two long term substitute positions in the third grade and is excited to be a part of 3S!

Partial Products

We will continue to work with partial products after Spring Break. This algorithm is used to help students understand the quantities they are multiplying and is beneficial for students' overall number sense. Once we are comfortable with the process, I will teach students how to multiply using lattice, and finally using the traditional method. Please see the picture below for an example of the "bowtie" method we will introduce after break.

Math Coming Up...

Unit 9 has really focused on multiplication and division. We will not have a traditional assessment for this unit, but rather a quiz to assess students' progress with multiplying & dividing larger numbers. Then we will move on to Geometry.


Tissues: Our supply is running low again and with seasonal allergies coming our way we would appreciate a box if you have one to spare!

Dry Erase Markers: We love to use our slates in class and our dry erase marker supply is also running low. We are especially in need of the thin dry erase markers for math since they help us keep our writing neat and legible.

Thank you and have a wonderful Spring Break!

Important Upcoming Dates

3/18 EH Talent Show, 7 PM, HMHS

3/21-3/27 Spring Break

3/28 School Resumes

4/4 Report Cards Available in Genesis, Grades 1-5, 330 PM

Award Winning FLENJ Video

Historic Artifacts from Greenfield Hall

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Spotlight Student


by Margo and Enya

Everyone loved Math this week because we got to multiply big numbers! We used partial products algorithm to help us. What is and algorithm? And algorithm is a list of steps to complete a task.

This is what the partial products algorithm looks like (picture) We always write the number models on the side so we don’t forget. And then we add zeros. We multiplied humongous numbers. We were multiplying big numbers by breaking the numbers up to make it easier to multiply them. Did you notice in the example?

To make it harder we did multiplication with money. A lot of people forgot the decimal point and dollar sign but we worked through it!

We also did a project with factors. The project was a factor rainbow. (On St. Patrick’s Day-not planned!) Factors are the two numbers multiplied to get a product (answer).

We also learned about different kinds of properties of multiplication. Properties describe multiplication. These are all of the properties: commutative, associative, and distributive. Do you know any of those because our class does!

Bowtie Partial Products

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Community Meeting

by Luke and Eleanor

Are you ready to hear about the action packed community meeting Elizabeth Haddon had? Well we sure hope so because we are going to tell you about it. The first part of the community meeting was when Mr.Bissinger handed out last months “Principled” award. One student from each grade was given and award and Ryan from our class got the third grade one! Everyone in the whole school cheered. Especially 3S!

Then he handed out the awards from the PTA contest. (Reflection contest) and 2 Raph’s and one Kat went up to receive the award. We cheered very loudly.

Next Mr.B brought 3 third graders up. (Luke, Avery, and Liam) They shared about chatterpix and then showed a video. Chatterpix is when you take a picture and make it look like it is talking. Third grade made them say our info book intros.

After that Ryan and Cleo went to the front and took their awards for their winning FLENJ video. FLENJ is a video contest for NJ foreign language learning. Ryan and Cleo won. Then they showed the whole school the video that they had done. The bloopers were really funny and Ryan and Cleo called it their “day of embarrassment”.

Last, Mrs. W announced the top fundraisers for jump rope/ hoops for heart. The top 4 got to shave Mr.B’s head. Then the top person got to cut of Mrs. W’s ponytail. The whole school erupted in cheers and screams. The grand total was $17,000. You can now tell that this community meeting was the best we ever had! It was very action packed!

chatterpix introductions

Remarkable Writing

By Steven, Elise, and Jason

It is a little sad that Ms. Gensel had to leave but listen to the awesome stuff that we did this week in writing!

One thing we did in writing is addressing our readers. Addressing our readers is when you talk to them STRAIGHT in their face. We address our readers when we say "I know you're thinking that..." Some other examples are "I know you might be thinking...worrying...feeling..." Then we try to convince them even more!

Another thing we did was we picked our best entry that had a lot of elaboration and the next step is to make it into a speech.

The last thing we did was we used a checklist to see what we are doing well and what we still need to work on. Then we set goals for ourselves to make our writing even better.

That's what 3S did in writing!

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By Bella, Ainsley, Court

Are you reading any good books? Because in Reading we are reading all sorts of books! For example, in Cezar's Pollution Solution. In fact, we had to figure out the theme in the story. The theme was that everyone can help fix Global Warming by doing a little bit in your community. What is theme you ask? Theme is the lesson learned in the story or the main message the author wants you to understand. For example, in the Tortoise and the Hare the theme is slow and steady wins the race. It is sometimes hard to find the theme so you have to look below the surface and trust me, it wants to be discovered! For example, in Owl Moon the theme was: You don't need words or warmth but you do need hope.

Remember for next time when you read a book to look for the theme. Whether it is above or below the surface!

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