Roshni Morris

A Colonial glassblower

A Little About Me!

Have you seen beautiful glass jars or vases? Have you wondered who made those beautiful jars or vases? That is where I come in.

Good morrow my name is Roshni Morris. My husband’s name is Bryan Morris. Both of us are a Colonial Glassblowers. My husband and I have two children Noel and Emma. My son is 9 and my daughter are 12. I am 22 years old. My friend’s name is Haadiyah Johnson. I live in a two room house. People think my days are not busy but they are. First I have to make porridge in the morning. Then I have go on the horse to church. After that I have to spin threads to make coats, cloaks and make petticoats. Then I have to make food to give to my oxen and horse. After that I go to the town crier get my news. Then I go to my farm to collect corn and fruit beans. Oh I forget to tell you what colony I live in I live the colony of Boston it is a real hot mess.

Do you ever wonder what a person who makes glass is called? People who make glass is called glassblower. Did you ever wonder what glass makers do? They make beautiful glass bottles, window panes and beads. I provide a good by making glass.


glassblower Tools

In the process of glassmaking you have to use lots of tools here are some examples. I use a battledore a battledore is a flat wooden pattle use to shape molten glass objects. I use a blowpipe to use on a shaped object.