Sarahs Ghost House

BY: hannahgrace hargrove

Sarah's Life

Sarah married William Winchester, William Winchester was a great rifle fortune and was very popular. They had baby girl named Annie together. When Annie was only about a month old she got really sick and died from her mysterious illness. Then a few months after Annie died, William Winchester, her husband also died. She became to think they were cursed. The rifle had killed a lot of people and she thought the dead people were trying to get revenge on her. She became obsessed with the mysteries of the world and hoped to contact her daughter and husband. So she invited mediums into her house which are people who claim they can contact with the dead with meetings called seanes. She soon found a medium named Adam Coons he agreed to have a seneace meeting with her. He was able to claim that he found her husband. William Winchesters spirit was giving her cautious warning telling her "Unless you do something in their memory, the ghosts of those killed by the rifle will come and haunt you forever." Coons the great medium told her to build a house In the west making sure there was enough room for the spirits. Making sure it stays alive and undead. Sarah died at he age of 85, In 1922

Sarahs House

Sarah sold her home in 1884 and moved to the west, as old to do by Coons. Sarah had enough money to build the house as big as she wants from Williams inherited fortune which was about 30 million dollars. She hired a lot of gardeners, plumbers, carpenters, painters etc to work on the house. They worked all day, everyday. They would build a wall then tear it down and kept doing that. One worker did nothing over 33 years except laying fancy wooden floors then tearing them up! In some rooms Sarah would furnish them and fill them will treasures such as costly if wall papers and paintings and copper, gold and silver. Sarah's house ended up covering six acers of land and having 160 rooms, 47 fireplaces, 40 staircases, 10000 windows, 6 kitchens , 467 door ways in the end. In total she spent 5 million dollars on her ghost house. Sarah believed that she was not alone in the house she thought that the ghost were living with her. Every night Sarah would create a dinner with 13 plates with food on each of them. When Sarah died at the age of 85 there ws so much material left that they could keep building for another 38 years. New owners ended up moving in if visitors or anyone wanted to come and walk through it they had to pay. Then the Winchester house became a historical landmark in 1974. Today vistors go and see and say its bigger than when sarah died.
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